MoMA adds Eero Aarnio to it's Iconic Furniture Collection

Developing new business opportunities for Aarnio Originals in Helsinki, Republic of Living introduced the iconic Ball Chair from Eero Aarnio to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

MoMA identifies a particular design object which exemplifies an important movement, collection or designer rather than creating a complete catalogue of every item of a movement, collection or artist.

Eero Aarnio is the Finnish Designer responsible for creating some of the most recognisable and most loved pieces of furniture of the last century.

He has always worked from home, surrounded by his family, and the Ball chair, which launched his career in 1966, was conceived in the spirit of this closeness of his loved ones, he wanted a seat which his young family could sit in together.  

This new colaboration between Aarnio Originals and MoMA feels right, and is the perfect platform for the Ball chair.

New Yorker's can go and see it at MoMA, and it is available to the MoMA membership at a special members' price.

To visit the online MoMA store, click here

The rest of the range is available from Aarnio Originals website, or from local stockists.